Abdominal Work for Boxers

It is very important for boxers to have a powerful core. A Boxer does also need to have strong abs to withstand the impact of a body punch. Boxers have been doing abdominal exercises for as long as we can remember and here at the Bristol boxing gym we carry on that tradition but we have also incorporated modern research and techniques from times gone by.

Recommended guidelines

The most important thing to understand when you’re working your abdominal region is that there is different muscle groups within your trunk which require different exercises to stimulate them. Put very simply, you can divide your abdominal region into four categories: Lower abs, middle abs, upper abs and your oblique’s. Your lower, middle and upper abdominals are pretty self explanatory and your oblique’s control the twisting action of your trunk. It is also good practice to exercise your back after an abs work out to avoid any poster related problems.

Exercise examples

  • Lower abdominals: Perform a crunch (half a sit up) keeping the natural arch in your back and your chin up.
  • Middle abdominals: Perform a sit up with your legs at a ninety degree angle.
  • Upper abdominals: Perform a crunch with your feet flat on the floor, bending your back as you sit up.
  • Obliques: Lie on your side with your knees bent. Finger tips on your temples. Bring your elbow towards your knees and repeat.
  • Obliques 2: In a sit up position, get someone to hold your feet down. Sit half way up and twist from side to side before coming down.