Boxing Running and Road Work

Running is an important component of boxing training which cannot be neglected. No matter what level of boxing you participate or aspire to, the benefits of running are vital and substantial. It is important that you have the correct footwear for running which will provide adequate support and protection from injury. We would advise going to a specialist running shop which can monitor your running stride and recommend a running shoe specific to your needs.

Benefits of running

  • Decrease’s your chances of heart disease and cancer
  • Help improve sleeping patterns
  • Help lose weight
  • Improves both cardiovascular and respiratory capacity 
  • Increases your in-ring stamina!

When to run

Your road work should be done on a consistent basis. (once a week being better than five days one week, then nothing for a few months!)

It is most convenient to run first thing in the morning as it is executed before your daily errands and is “out of the way” so to speak. It would be ideal to do your gym work earlier in the day when you are fresh and your running later on in the evening, however this can be impractical with modern day lifestyles.

Running technique

  • Make sure your feet do not land flat
  • Use the swing of your arms to help carry you forward
  • Keep your torso still
  • Try and make your steps lighter as the heavier your foot hits the ground, the more chance of injury.
  • Always try and look into the distance as your running as this helps to elongate your spine and reduce the strain on your neck and shoulders.
  • Get into a rhythm with your breathing and stride.
  • Try and stay as relaxed as possible without sacrificing your running technique.

Running for boxing

Sport specific running for boxing is all about which energy systems you need to train. You may have heard of the terms aerobic and anaerobic. In boxing we need a strong anaerobic system developed on a good aerobic base. The most simple way of putting this would be that you have to emulate the pace of a fight whilst you run. A long slow run for an hour wouldn’t be of much use in to a boxer who needs constant bursts for six three minute rounds. An ideal boxing run we would recommend would be a fourty five minute run incorporating sprints and hills.

Motivation for running

If the benefits of running alone are not enough to motivate you to keep to a consistent running programme. Here’s a few ideas:

Try to mix up your route and vary the elevation you run on. Sticking to the same route becomes monotonous.

There are arguments for and against music whilst running, but, it is a good motivational tool.

Having someone to run with gives you good encouragement, especially if they are a good runner.

All the best fighters ran regularly so if you want to succeed, you need to put the work in.