Gym Overview

Bristol Boxing Gym welcomes males, females and children (Age 10+) of all levels of fitness and ability. If you are interested in learning the complete skills of boxing along with improving your fitness, strength, stamina and tone, Bristol Boxing Gym is perfect for you!

Bristol Boxing Gym is fitted out with all the top equipment needed for world champion boxers to train in. The gym consists of two main boxing gym areas with two boxing rings and 22 various punch bags. The boxing gyms are kitted out with fitness equipment and light weights designed to give an all over body workout.  We have a fitness studio for classes such as yoga, circuits, kettlebells, etc.  We have state of the art male and female changing rooms with showers.  Parking at Bristol Boxing Gym is always free on site along with bike stands directly outside the main entrance.  For an in-depth look into our facilities click here. 

Members can attend the gym during Opening Hours to train themselves or can take part in coached classes.

Adult Beginners looking to join the Bristol Boxing Gym we recommend attending our Technique and Adult BOXFIT Classes. These are mixed classes focussing on boxing technique and fitness, we do also offer a Female Only Boxing Class.

More experienced Adult boxers can attend anytime and are welcome to attend Adult BOXFIT Class for fitness.  We offer supervised sparring sessions for novice boxers and those who are keen to get in the ring to have some fun or box in a White Collar Boxing contest. The Empire Amateur Boxing Club is for boxers serious about competing as an amateur boxer.

For the best one to one training available at Bristol Boxing Gym check out our Personal Training Sessions with one of our experienced boxing coaches.  Our coaches are generally professional or top amateur boxers with lots of experience to give you a unique personal training experience.  

Children (Age 10-16) looking to start boxing at the Bristol Boxing Gym are recommended to attend our Junior Boxing Lessons. More experienced Junior boxers can attend our Empire Amateur Boxing Sessions. Children under 10 are not allowed to attend the Bristol Boxing Gym.

All boxing equipment is on sale at the gym including gloves, skipping ropes, head guards, Hand Wraps etc.