Muhammed Ali

Muhammed Ali has been with us since August 2016, after graduation with an integrated Master’s degree in osteopathy. Ali regularly shows up to lend the members a hand with any sports related questions, postural correction, relieving tension, restoring mobility and advice on preventing common injuries in the realm of boxing. It’s worth noting that Ali is not limited to just boxing, and has experience in working with the elderly, runners, and occupational injuries.

Ali has a keen interest in working with the professional boxers with names like Lee Haskins, Tamuka Mucha and has worked with former professional boxer Dean Francis. The manager of the boxers, Chris Sanigar regularly sees Ali and actively encourages his entourage in getting pre-fight sessions so they’re in tip top shape.

Bristol boxing gym works closely with Empire Fighting Chance, a charity interested in promoting boxing to less fortunate individuals. This was one of the main aspects that made Ali want to be part of this organisation as he has worked with charities such as Breakthrough for breast cancer during the Virgin London Marathon and Ride London the following year.