Standard Boxing Training Session

This would be a standard training session we use at the Bristol Boxing Gym from beginners level and BOXFIT classes’ right up to the daily regimes of professional fighters. Adjustments can and should be made according to ability, intensity and/or a wider scale programme or training camp.

Warm up

All training sessions should start with a warm up. This should be around fifteen minutes long. When complete you should just be starting to sweat and feel warm and ready to exercise more strenuously. For more information on how to warm up properly see our warm up article.

3 Rounds of Shadow boxing

Shadow boxing is used mainly to develop and practice you general boxing technique. It is best done at the start of your workout so you can practice your technique without the extra stress of your body feeling fatigued.

3 Rounds of Bag Work

It would then be ideal to exercise your punch bag routine after the shadow boxing, so the technique you have just practised is fresh in your head and you can sharpen up your skills on the bag. For more information on how to work the bag and the various different types of punch bags, see our related articles.

3 Rounds of a Boxing Circuit (Ground Work)

Now all of our technical and skill work is out of the way we can get on with some good old fashioned fitness and strength training. See related articles...

3 Rounds of Skipping

Now our muscles should be fatigued from the bulk of your work out, it finish off your session with the skipping rope to get the extra cardio vascular training a boxer needs while still keeping your concentration exerted.

Cool down

All training sessions should finish with a warm down to gradually bring your heart rate back to normal and help the breakdown of waste products which will make you feel sore in the morning! A developmental stretch is also recommended. A warm down can take as long as you like but at least fifteen minutes is recommended.

Based on a warm up and cool down of fifteen minutes each, and three minute rounds with a one minute break in between, the above session would take one hour and twenty minutes. You could adjust the length of the rounds and rest periods to individual circumstance as stated before, however, this would be an excellent fundamental routine for any STANDARD BOXING TRAING SESSION.