Young Guns - Review


Professional boxing returned to Bristol and it did not fail to impress as Sanigar Events proudly presented ‘Young Guns’, a show located in the heart of Bristol that showcased some of the best local talent available to the boxing community. Bristol’s very own Dan Sarkozi returned to action as the headline act, and Newport’s newly turned professional Middleweight Daniel Barton took to the ring in his second bout in the paid ranks. Two debuts also took place as Bristol’s Tyler Davies and Aberystwyth’s James Davies both laced up their gloves for the first time as professional boxers. The night promised fireworks and it did not disappoint!

Fight 1 – Tyler Davies vs. Andy Harris
4×3 minutes Lightweight Contest:

It was the start of life as a professional for Bristol’s Tyler Davies who stepped into the ring for the very first time against seasoned journeyman Andy Harris, from Gloucester. Fans came out in force to support Davies who showed a lot of promise for the future and seemed very eager to get straight down to business.

The first bell rang and Davies applied instant pressure to his opponent. The debutant quickly began to pressurize Harris who remained vertical with a tight defense and didn’t let himself inflict too much damage. More clean work from Tyler Davies who on occasions gets caught with glancing counters from Harris, however the round ends well for the hometown man who makes good work of his first round as a professional.

Moving into the second and third rounds and it was more of the same from Davies who fires his solid jab at the man in front of him. A good feature of Davies’ is most definitely his footwork as he frequently makes Harris miss and follows up with counter shots of his own. Huge body shots from Davies means he remains in cruise control going into the fourth and final round.

Neither man wasted any time to start working in the final round as they trade blows at the center of the ring. Andy Harris is forced back onto the ropes on a number of times as Davies lets rip with accurate and hurtful blows. Davies keeps his composure well and avoids any mistakes as he finishes the fight strongly and setting up what he hopes to be a long and exciting career.
Winner: Tyler Davies via Decision – 40-37

Fight 2 – Aaron Sutton vs. James Davies  
4×3 minutes Middleweight Contest:
A return to action for another one of Bristol’s top prospects as Aaron Sutton matched up to Welsh debutant James Davies as they battled in the Middleweight division. The fight began and Sutton didn’t waste any time in getting down to business, landing a number of jabs which confuse Davies and put him in an awkward position. Davies poses a slight threat of his own, landing some half decent shots and making the Englishman remain tight guarded and very cautious.

Moving into the second as Sutton hooks away at Davies, who struggles to find the target and misses with attempted shots of his own. Just over halfway into the second and a short but sweet exchange in the middle of the ring sees both men give and take some good shots.  A good finish to round three for Aaron Sutton. Over halfway through now and Sutton refuses to give James Davies any mercy in there as he forces his opponent onto the back foot and into defensive mode. More shots missed from Davies who seems to be a few steps behind of Sutton in all aspects of the fight. Another classy round as the bell rings for the end of the third.

Fourth and final round here and it has been a great nights work for Aaron Sutton as his flock of fans chant his name with pride. Sutton uses his footwork to demonstrate some good ring craft and boxing ability. James Davies dives in with a shot only to be stunned as Sutton catches him with a clever check hook. The fight finishes very much in Aaron Sutton’s favor as he continues to plough away and refuse to get caught with anything silly.
Winner: Aaron Sutton by Decision – 40-37

Fight 3 – Tim Cutler vs. Liam Richards  
6×3 minutes Lightweight Contest:
The undefeated Tim Cutler got back into the swing of things and extended hus unbeaten record to 7-0 as he outpointed Melksham’s Liam Richards over six exciting rounds in the Lightweight division. The fight started very much in Cutler’s favour, as he begins to throw accurate shots that are set up with a brilliant jab. Cutler knows how to throw a combination or two as he makes easy work of finding the target and cutting off the ring. Moving into the second round now and it is more of the same from the home fighter.

The crowd burst into excitement as Tim Cutler throws and catches Liam Richards. Cutler’s opponent responds with a cheeky grin as he backs up as if he is inviting him for more. One of Tim Cutler’s more impressive features is definitely his footwork, dancing around the ring and landing shots that no man would like to be on the end of.

At the midway point and Cutler ups the pace of the fight. The referee watches closely as Richards begins to take more and more powerful punches to the head and the body. Once more it is Cutler in control as he is clever enough to throw risky shots but avoid falling in and getting caught whilst doing so. The Bristol man once again showing his exemplary footwork as throughout rounds four and five he impressively is able to step onto either side of his opponent and unload a very sharp overhand right.

We moved into the final round and Richards’ fitness begins to quickly deteriorate, however it is the complete opposite from Tim Cutler who remains very light on his feet and draws his man in, making him miss and countering him with skill and power. Although at times more work could have been done, a very impressive performance from the local man as he strolls through it and extends his record to an impressive 7-0. Plenty more to work on and plenty more to learn for Bristol’s very own Tim Cutler!
Winner: Tim Cutler by Decision – 60-54

Fight 4 – Daniel Barton vs. Anthony Fox
4×3 minutes Super Middleweight Contest:
Newport’s Daniel Barton’s professional journey continued and much to his frustration he fought himself to a draw against Westbury’s Daniel Fox. Although an impressive effort from Barton, he struggled to capitalize at times and a hard working, hard hitting Fox meant it was always going to be hard work. A huge learning fight for Barton who brought plenty of fans out in force at the Ashton Gate Stadium.

Barton’s good work on the inside stood out very much in the opening round. Fox was able to respond with the occasional counter combination but Barton kept a tight guard and knew what he had to do. Shots in two’s and three’s came from Barton in the second round, putting the pressure on Fox who remained eager to come forward and plough away as much as he could. Anthony Fox didn’t seem to give Barton much room to breathe at all as he had a lot in the tank throughout the remainder of the second round.

At the beginning of the third it was much better work from Barton. The Welshman very active on his toes and circling around the ring. Fox’s work rate remained very high though as he looked to jab away and try to do damage on Barton who was still very defensively sound. The fight turned into a bit of war halfway through the third as both men went toe-to-toe and began to load up and land spiteful shots! Barton would have learned a lot in this fight, that is for sure.

Into the fourth and final round now and Barton’s fitness was still there, although so was Anthony Fox who was relentless on the front and back foot. The Welshman definitely the more able and clever of the two though, making sure he didn’t fall into any traps and get caught.

The last minute or so of round four and it turned into a very good bout and one that Daniel Barton will definitely improve from. His first heavy hitting opponent and one that came to try and upset his opponent as well as the crowd. Barton’s trainer Tony Borg very vocal from ringside, urging his fighter on and making sure his tactics remained on point; and once again proving why Borg is one of Britain’s best trainers!

A frustrating night’s work for Barton no doubt, but with the right preparation and the right build-up before the next time he is under those lights, I am sure it will be back to winning ways for Newports newest prospect!
Winner: Fight was called a draw – 38-38

Fight 5 – Duane Winters vs. Khvicha Gigolashvili
4×3 minutes Super Bantamweight Contest:
Promising Super-Bantamweight slickster Duane Winters matched up against Georgian puncher Khvicha Gigolashvili over six rounds in what turned out to be an exciting bout. It was a steady start from Winters who feels out his jab and works out his range. The Georgian sets the tone for the night though as he vigorously moves forward and begins to load up really wild shots! The end of round one and the travelling man is stunned after an impressive uppercut from Duane Winters.

Winters’ outstanding jab once again begins to be showcased as he uses it to push back the Georgian and muster up an onslaught of heavy shots. Khvicha responds with shots of his own but can’t do much more as Winters’ defence is on point and very much keeping him in control.

Rounds three and four are very similar, as more wild shots from Khvicha means Winters has to backtrack, but then responds well with a flurry of shots. The fitness of Duane Winters is very good as he shows he can box both on the back and front foot, an important aspect of any boxers ability.

Into the penultimate round here and this has been a good learning fight from Winters who at times looked as though he could’ve found himself in trouble but did very well to avoid this happening. A very energetic opponent for Winters who didn’t stop moving and punching all night, the Georgian man began to run out of steam in the final two rounds which meant the wilder shots began to disappear and his jab was evermore present.

The sixth and final round of our co-main event here in Bristol and although Winters could’ve done slightly better at times, he should be very proud of his performance and with a fired up crowd and his father sat very proud at ringside, the future does seem very bright for the Englishman. More gutsy performances like this from Winters could mean there is a title shot or two on the horizon at some point in the future!
Winner: Duane Winters by Decision – 59-55

Main Event – Dan Sarkozi vs. Nathan Hardy
6×3 minutes Welterweight Contest
It was back to winning ways for popular local fighter Dan Sarkozi who boxed and beat the very game Nathan Hardy of Sheffield. A very close fight that could have gone either way, but the massive heart of Sarkozi meant he was good enough to walk away with the win in the end.

Sarkozi started very cautiously as he throws plenty of jabs and not much else early on. The away fighter begins to throw shots at will but they fail to latch onto Sarkozi who moves well and is very good on his feet here. The second round began in an exciting fashion as the two fighters lock horns right in the middle of the ring and trade big shots! The crisper shots definitely coming from Sarkozi at this point though, as Hardy misses frequently but when he lands they definitely take their toll on the home fighter.

At the halfway mark of the fight now and both men are putting a good shift in. A good flurry of punches from Hardy proves to be his best work of the night up to this point but Sarkozi’s very hard jab is able to frustrate the Yorkshireman and put him in to a bit of bother here in the third. Good body shots from Hardy back up Sarkozi on to the ropes.

Round four and both men begin to up the tempo and apply pressure. A wild shot from Hardy and he misses completely and falls to the canvas, but the referee sees clearly it is not a knockdown and the pair carry on tussling. The fitness of Nathan Hardy begins to disappear at this point though, as he jabs and moves to try and avoid the surely inevitable attack from Sarkozi.

The fifth round arrives and it has been back and forth action all night. Both men have been made to box on the front and back foot respectively and at times have struggled to find much of an opening, however Dan Sarkozi has been the slightly more impressive of the two; that is for sure! The end of the penultimate round is finished very well by Hardy who backs his man up and forces him to defend.

The sixth and final round of tonight’s action here in Bristol is without question the most exciting of the night! Sarkozi’s guard remains tight and he uses his head well, avoiding Hardy’s heavy shots which come from all angles. The pair go to war in the last 90 seconds of the bout as huge punches are traded and neither men willing to give up! A truly brilliant end to a fantastic evening of boxing here in Bristol as local hero Dan Sarkozi picks up the win in a very close match up between two real warriors!
Winner: Dan Sarkozi by Decision – 58-57

So that very exciting match-up between Dan Sarkozi and Nathan Hardy drew a close to what was a very good night of boxing at the Ashton Gate Stadium in Bristol. Plenty of exciting action and even more positives to take from the six bouts that were on offer! Wins for all of the home fighters and a great win for Debutant Tyler Davies, it was more than impressive to watch and I am very hopeful boxing doesn’t take too long to return to Bristol once again!

Another fantastic night of boxing over and done with, courtesy of Jamie Sanigar and Sanigar Events!

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